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Furqan Rahmat Sep 01, 2016 Inspirations
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17,000 islands spanning 5,000 km

A larger number of Indonesians presently do not have access to reliable and affordable electricity services. In the end of October 2015, a pilot program of Department Sustainable and Renewable of Ministry Energy and Mineral Resources, an ambitious target of expanding electricity access to 90% of the population, 80 participants have been elected out of 3600 people in whole countries. We were trained for 2 weeks in Subang, West Java, to be placed in Indonesia’s rural areas for 5 month.

Now that I have been selected as Patriot Energy, which will be settled in rural area, I am quickly preparing myself for grueling task that I had lie ahead of us. In particular, we must become national-class consultant, so that the duties are a success not for the Authority, but also for the other consultants and all of people.

We want to take pride in our ways, if it was failed, we hobble future generations with debt. We are watched a careful point of views already designed for Solar panel, with our purpose being to put the interest of villagers who will be used the solar panel first.

As with many past solar panel in other cities, cost overruns are already filling up, and those leading the process so far appear to have done little to prevent waste. In fact, I suspect that public anxiety about ministry profligacy contributed to this program. We have been faced a steep learning, we also have a clear goal: giving hopes to people who is normally never dream of seeing electricity in their midst because they are nowhere near national grid.

We have started by acquainting ourselves with the rural solar panels’ history, with an eye on the long-term economic and social impact on the host village. Sadly, the record isn’t good. The host villages have often been saddled with lack of caring and the debt of goods material within the worker’s salary. This issues must been solved with the good management of cooperation (economic people based funds).

The spirit of Ministry’s policy thrust of rural empowerment by constructing local community entrepreneurs to lock-up shops which are rented out to local community who use them as business center to paying a monthly token to the operator for maintenance and infrastructure. Local business, which helps raise income funds for solar panel.

National Ministry of course assume partial responsibility, and bear part of the cost, including the fancy material, but ministry officials have far too many responsibilities to devote themselves to the process entirely.

Finally, we will remain other stakeholders and local government of their own responsibilities. When I travel to local region of ESDM, I will ask them how it intends to safeguard the spirit, hope, and purpose of solar panel’s remote area. The motto of this was about “Renew, Sustain, and Empowerment”. Only when they guarantee cleaner, we will truly live up to the Motto spirit.


The writer, was incoming of a First Patriot Energy’s

Member’s of Narashakti

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